By Saturday, 14 April 2012

Moving Too Fast

Hey guys :/>

It's a beautiful Saturday. However, I still miss that moment until now, urghh damn so much. Standard six? UPSR? Oh, I'm got 4A's 1B. Anyway, congrates to the others who got 5A's *sigh*. All who got 5A's now studying at MRSM/SBP/ASBKL etc.

Dear friends, you always have this ability to make me smile and there hasn't been a day that I stopped smiling and you always make things better even if my day is going bad. I don't care about what other people say or think about you and us. I love you for who you are, thanks for accepting my imperfections as I accepted your flaws. I'd like you to stay for a very long time and i'm hoping you will never step back and leave me. 

I love you guys, If I could, I want to previous back that time but it just can't. Can we gather when we have time to see? Whoaa, I know it can't too cause you guys are busy with your school right? It's okay, nevermind.

The clock, the door, and the box of memories. To be frank, life has been treating me rather well. I guess I have chosen the right door. But there is just one thing that always make me worn out, the clock. Twenty four hours a day is assuredly not enough for me to settle thing such as homework etc, damn. I need your help guys, I want to study together like before this. Last but not least, I thank to you friends for helping me when I need your help, thanks very much.

P/s : Aku punya broken manglish sangat buruk haha. Takpelah kan, try jugak kan. Okay bye, I got to go. Wassalamualaikum.


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