By Wednesday, 5 December 2012

#1st Art Trade *Fiqah Cekumi

Assalamualaikum and hello! Do you see the title post above? LOL, I'm newbie in making doodle and my doodle isn't cute at all..  (devil laugh). Hahaha, straight to the point, Fiqah want me to make doodle for her and she will make doodle for me too, that called Art Trade maybe. I want to show her artwork for me! 

Omigo, her drawing is so smooth! Yah, thanks very much! How about my doodle? Wanna see it? Alright, go scroll down!

Nah, it's for you sis. I didn't put any shadow on this doodle except the scarf. I hope that you will like it! Hooraay! So the first art trade is DONE! Guling mieeewww. For those who want to art trade with me, please do add me at FB and give me a message! K bye, assalamualaikum.

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