By Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A Nice Day To Have

Bismillah and assalamualaikum muslims! Do you know that today is 12.12.12? Omg! I really love it, it's happening once in our life. So, and it must be appreciated ...

Alhamdulillah, I won the contest/giveaway by Estysis. I hope I can win the free domain but it's okay, I can't win it. Hmm. But I got a pendrive 8GB! Huhuhu.

Me playing badminton, eat rambutans, instagaramm... Huh. I wanna be like Lee Chong Wei. He is my idol and he is awesome. I want to study about badminton like the technique with him, please? 

"Faiz, kau guna apa nak edit photo effects cam gambar atas ni?" "Aku guna Instagram lerrr..."
Someone says that 12.12.12 is a day that the world will explode haha. I don't think so. I'm a muslim so I'm believing in qada' dan qadar' ... "Aku ada terbaca yang kiamat menurut Islam akan berlaku pada hari Jumaat dalam bulan Ramadhan........" "Betul ke? Wallahhualam"...

Ini semua kuasa Allah. I should go breakfast then. Imma so hungry like a monster *want to eat people maybe*... Please don't be scare and believe what Yahudi people  say. They're cheater. Nuff said. 
Please remember that Allah is our god. Allah itu Maha Esa! Allah Hu Akbar! 
Assalamualaikum ...

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