By Saturday, 8 December 2012

Hadiah Ohsem Untuk Blogger Terawal Yang Komen

Bismillahhirahmannirrahim and assalamualaikum guys!  Ehem, I'm seriously don't know what to do nowadays.. Online? Reading? Playing some others game with my brother? Hmmm. I can't fight this boredom lol hahaha I feel like I wanna crying and shouting loudly! Huargh. Please don't read this part. Creepy maybe.. Hahaha. Straight to the point, I wanna make a segment titled "Hadiah Ohsem Untuk Blogger Terawal Yang Komen".

Want to join? Alright, please read this term and condition ..

  • Add me on Facebook -
  • Follow my blog -
  • Follow my Twitter -
  • Like this fanpage -
  • Click here, here and here.
  • Comment on this entry why you want join this segment  and leave your Facebook link..
  • This segment will be started on 8/12 and will be ended on 15/12 - 1 week..

The gift? Suprise bro! Mystery ... Yang pasti hadiah tu bernilai lebih RM 100.. dan untuk 50 pemenang terawal!

That's all! Easy, isn't? So, do join k. Don't be too selfish, nuff said hehe. Hmmm. For those who have any inquries, please do ask me at my fb. Okay bye, assalamualaikum and enjoy!


Syuhada Suhaimi said...

I want to join this segment because I want to get the awesome gift .

FB ~

Hanis Syazana said...

hanis join Segmen ni, sebab nak hadiah mytery !! uhh, pasti menarikk.

Hanis Syazana said...

Wait a second .. Kenapa tak boleh copy or Ctrl+c..

& hanis tak jumpa pon fb.. fanpage..
cuba cek yeww.. :D

MissM Amirah! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MissM Amirah! said...

I want to join this segment cause of the awesome gift and I never had get gift before, and my pocket money is burn too :( Hoho,kbye


Ain Hanani said...

Saya join sebab nak hadiah misteri dari Faiz :D Hihihi

Hazirah Muslim said...

I join this segment because I want to support blogger like you :)
and to try my luck here ....

Noor Najwa said...

assalamualaikum...i want to join this segment because excited with the mystery present and now i do not have money..

ya tak blh add awk sbb kena block tpi sya subscribed awk..sya harap diterima..syukran

***!S@R@H! *** said...

Assalamualaikum ...
Saya nak join segment ni sebab saya tertarik dengan hadiah misteri yang ditawarkan .. one more , daripada saya duduk depan laptop takda buat apa2 lebih baik saya join segmen awesome ni kan ? ;) hehe ..


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