By Friday, 7 December 2012

My Artwork

Assalamualaikum and hello my readers! My blog will be given a free domain! Hooray! Do you want it? Alright, inbox me a message lol .. Nowadays I'm so fucking tired and lack of energy, can you give me a bottle of hundres pluss. Huarghh. What a bad day I have.

K fine, I wanna show you guys my artwork with kak meg, I draw the basic and she colour it. Lol broken english maybe. I hope you can understand boo. This is my artwork:

OMIGO! This is such a cute doodle for me. Yeah sip! Art Trade! This is my artwork, please don't take it, okay? Love yaaa.

Faiz punya artwork mempersembahkan doodle yang paling comel sekali dalam sejarah doodlers. LOL. Yang ni Faiz dan kak Meg punya artwork. And please, don't take it like that is yours. Ehem. K bye, Just that today. Comel ke tidak? Assalamualaikum ...

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